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Weather in Crete

See what the weather's like in Crete. We have included weather information for 3 Prefectures (adminstrative regions) in Crete:

Weather in Chania

chania weathersea temperature in chania

The weather in Chania is slightly colder and rainier than in east Crete. This is due to the White Mountains, with 50 peaks above 2,000 metres. The south coast of Chania Prefecture has a milder climate, with less rainfall and higher temperatures.

The weather in Chania prefecture is similar to the weather in Rethymnon prefecture.

Weather in Heraklion

heraklion weathersea temperature in heraklion

The weather in Heraklion is hot in summer and mild in winter. There is little rainfall and in effect not a drop falls from the end of May to September.

Of course, if you leave Heraklion city, which is on the sea, and travel a few kilometres south, the weather is quite different: cooler in summer and fairly cold in winter, while snow is not unusual.

If you continue even further south, you will reach the southern plains and beautiful beaches, where the weather is hotter and drier than that of northern Crete.

Weather in Lassithi

agios nikolaos weathersea temperature in lassithi

Agios Nikolaos is the capital town on Lassithi prefecture at the easternmost end of Crete, the area with the least rainfall. Temperatures in summer are not as high as those on the south coast (Ierapetra).

Winters in the Agios Nikolaos area are among the mildest in Crete.

Weather in Ierapetra

ierapetra weatherierapetra sea temperature

Ierapetra is in Lassithi prefecture in southern Crete and the weather here features hot, dry summers and very mild winters. The Ierapetra area is famous for its high temperatures and strong north winds in summer.

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