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Chania Car Rental

Discovering the Beauty and Splendour of Chania

Are you planning to spend a week or two in a distant island where all you will see is the beauty of nature?  Have you ever thought of an ideal place that will mesmerise you?  If you want to be enthralled, save your breath and experience the splendour of Chania, Crete.

Chania is the second largest city in Crete.  With the different settlements ranging from the Byzantine and the Venetian eras down to the Ottoman and Modern Greek periods, the city became what it is today in Grecian history.  What makes it even more delightful as a place are its bountiful tourist destinations which invites locals and tourists alike.  Find out more about this breathtaking spot as you visualise the place in its entirety.

A tour around Chania's Venetian harbour

Touring Chania will not be complete without taking a glimpse of its very own Venetian harbour.  The lighthouse in the said spot leaves a memorable mark to each visitor who just wants to feel the serenity of the city.  This area also brings you to more of the well-loved tourist destinations in Chania.

There are other great finds surrounding the harbour.  Walk to the west to reach the fortress of Firkas and the Maritime Museum. It is also known as the Nautical Museum and it is situated at the entrance of the fortress of Firkas.  Its name was coined from the real purpose for which it was established – to be a home for all artefacts pertaining to sailors, ships and seafaring.  It houses about 2,500 items in its exhibitions including those of paintings, relics, maps, ship models and other nautical equipment.

On the other (east) side of the Venetian harbour, you will admire the famous arsenals of Chania and the Kasteli Hill, which was first inhabited during the Neolithic Period. The ruins of the Minoan Palace of Kidonia (ancient Chania) can be seen here.

More than the magnificent finds along the Chania Venetian harbour, the city also outbursts with pride with its other wonderful attractions.  Whilst you are traversing the city, remember to spend time out with your friends, colleagues or family through the Archaeological Museum.  This majestic Chania appeal is a crowd pleaser.  It houses not only historical contributions from the city but for the whole of Crete as well.  It was restored in the 80's to revive its cultural and historical inclination.

Getting to Chania is quite easy for the locals of Crete and Greece.  For tourists, you may be more delighted to experience navigating the land on foot.  However, to get to know more about this city of Crete, it is better to get car rentals offered by Megarent - Crete Car Rental.  With the services, your entire Chania travel will be worth remembering.  It may even help extend your visits to beaches like Kalathas and Marathi on the Akrotiri Peninsula, or the famous Elafonissi beach on the west coast.

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