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Agios Nikolaos Car Rental

The beautiful city called Agios Nikolaos

Just by hearing the name Agios Nikolaos, one may conclude that it is an old town in one of the Grecian areas.  You may even preclude that it has nothing more but boring cityscapes, ordinary sceneries and an uninteresting tourist profile.  However, your guess is certainly wrong.  This place in Crete offers more than what you expect of the area.

Agios Nikolaos is situated east of the heart of Crete – Heraklion.  Translating the name to layman's term, it means St. Nicholas.  The area was coined in honour of the saint who was recognised for being the patron of all sailors.  Greece is known for its sailors thus giving due credit to Agios Nikolaos.

The Agios Nikolaos museums

If there are main attractions you would want to see whilst you are in Agios Nikolaos, these would pertinently belong to the different museums which depict its historical inclination.  The Archaeological Museum tops the list which boasts of its adaptations and collections of what transpired during those good old Minoan civilisations of the entire area of Crete.  It is also an important area where you may actually see a collection of coins ranging from 330 BC to 200 AD.

Another popular structure with the same purpose is the Folklore Museum.  This museum exhibits more than just coins to mark the area's different settlements.  It contains several artefacts including textiles, handicrafts, embroideries, paintings and even old costumes.  In fact, it also embraces an old Cretan house. 

A glimpse at the popular Lake Voulismeni

If there is one spot which brings pride to Agios Nikolaos, that would be none other than Lake Voulismeni.  There were many speculations in the past saying that it is an endless lake.  The urban legend may be attributed to the fact that it was connected to the Agios Nikolaos harbour in 1870.  However, this water form is measured at barely 64 metres.  It is found right at the centre of the city.

A series of celebrations is made in Voulismeni.  In fact, it was even said that the goddess of wisdom, Athena, plunged into the waters of the lake to have her daily bath.  Now, it is a site for the yearly Orthodox Christian Easter day.  The locals and tourists gather around the lake to have a good time.  Firecrackers and other fireworks complete the merriment.

Other things to do whilst in Agios Nikolaos

A tour around any area will not be complete without shopping.  Along the streets of Agios Nikolaos, you will find establishments where you may have the activity. After a tedious walk around town, you may also have some sips of coffee as well as fill your stomach to its fullest.

There are also other sights nearby Agios Nikolaos, like the coastal towns of Elounda and Plaka, or the traditional village of Kritsa. If you want to go further, it is always best to get help from transportation options.  A good way to travel within and outside the area is through the aid of car rental services.  This is what Megarent- Crete Car Rental exists for.  Experience total relaxation and pleasure by riding on one of Megarent cars of your choice.

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