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Exploring The Grandeur of Heraklion

Finding a perfect match for a long-planned trip?  Have you ever wondered where you may spend a unique time compared to the last vacation you had?  Do you ever think there is such a place to fulfil all that you have been yearning for when it comes to a simple yet tremendous voyage?  Get all your travel essentials ready and experience an extraordinary time in the city of Heraklion.

Heraklion is one amongst all the cities in Crete which boasts of its cultural and historical inclination.  Much more than that though, it shares the world's strife to restore tourism.  It is for this reason that Crete's largest city remained very alluring to both locals and travellers alike.  Get a peek at the most exhilarating sights of this proud Grecian area.

A travel at the city's centre

Just by staying at the heart of Heraklion, you will already find a lot of attractions worth visiting.  To start with, you get to see the Eleftherias Square.  This is a historical site flunked by other attractions such as the Archaeological Museum, St, George Gate, the Astoria Hotel and the Heraklion Prefecture. 

Walking from the square to its northeast, you will pass by Daidalou Street. This street takes you to the cafe district then to the Lions Square.  The latter is famous for a fountain with images of lions surrounding it.  To date, it is more popularly known as the Eleftheriou Vinezelou Square in honour of the hero that paved the way to the union between Crete and Greece.  To match your visit to this destination, capture some shots on its scenery together with friends or even strangers.

On the south of the Lions Square, you will be taken to the Heraklion Market. This was once an ideal shopping area for tourists and locals.  The road northeast of the market paves the way for other structures like the cathedral of Saint Minas which was founded in respect to Heraklion's patron saint.  Heading north from the cathedral, the Basilica of St. Mark is also found.
Other important attractions

If you think you have had enough with all the attractions mentioned, well you are wrong.  There is still so much to explore with the monuments and structures such as the Bembo Fountain, Kornarou Square, the old Venetian harbour and the new Heraklion port.  Not to forget the nightlife promised by the city along its coastal roads.  Add to the list a visit to other places such as the Dominican Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, Natural History Museum, Pancretan Olympic Stadium and the Talos Shopping Centre.

Imagine, how many other sights you still need to go to whilst you are in Heraklion.  Even if travelling with your bare foot will make you appreciate the area in its totality, find other means to enjoy your stay in the city.  If your time is limited to travel, Megarent - Crete Car Rental will be more than glad to help you with it.  You will surely find it more fulfilling to complete your Heraklion tour with the options provided by this team.

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