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The Magnificence of The Place Known As Rethymnon

Do you have plans of having a splendid time in a far-flung place?  Do you want to make sure your partner or other companions remember the moment you will spend the entire vacation? Do you have any idea of a perfect spot where all these things may come true?  One rare yet charming find is the town of Rethymnon in Crete.

Rethymnon is one of the typical Crete cities which offer nothing more but pleasure to its tourists.  It simply displays a tremendous opportunity for lovers, families and peers.  If you are dying to have a spectacular time, discover the magnificence of this area.  It is popular because of its foundations as an old town which embraced the facts from its historical existence.

Rethymnon and its must-explore places

Rethymnon is one of the oldest towns in Crete with buildings which date back to the Renaissance Period.  Walking down the alleys of Rethymnon's centre, you will be led to exciting tourist spots.

To begin your walk around Rethymnon, start by taking a glimpse of the Venetian harbour.  Flunking the harbour are several Venetian buildings.  Completing this bustling sight are fishing boats, as well as larger boats that will take you to beaches of nearby areas of Rethymnon, like Bali or Panormos.

From the Venetian harbour it is easy to reach another delightful tourist spot – the Venetian fortress of Fortezza.  Also an epitome of the influence of the Venetians, the Fortezza gives you a visualisation of the old town of Rethymnon.  Situated on top of the hill, this structure may also be seen from all sides of the town.

In the heart of the old town of Rethymnon you will find the remarkable Venetian Loggia.  This building was originally founded way back the 16th century and it was a meeting-place for the Venetian nobility and officials, a sort of officers' mess where they discussed trade and politics. Today it houses the Archaeological Receipts Fund, where you can buy archaeological guide books and casts of important sculptures from all over Greece.

The Venetian Loggia leads to other commendable Rethymnon attractions like the Rimondi Fountain.  It is popular to both tourists and locals.  Fresh waters come from the mouth of the lions down to the basin.  On its right, you will also find Platanos Square.
Completing the journey around Rethymnon

From the Platanous Square or the Rimondi Fountain, you will be led to other enjoyable must-sees in the town.  Sights such as Our Lady of the Angels, Historical and Folk Museum of Rethymnon and the Nerantze Mosque may be found past the alleys of the place.  The Nerantze Mosque was a previous epitome of a religious structure which people made use of to give devotion to the Blessed Virgin.  By putting up three more domes, it became a mosque after the old town fell under the regime of the Turks.

Completing a tour of the town back to the Venetian harbour, you will also come across the likes of the Church of St. Francis, Porta Guora, Kura Musha Pasha Mosque and the Venetian Mansions of Rethymnon.  Each of these tourist spots has its own story to tell.  These fabulous places will bring satisfaction in your Rethymnon travel.

There are certainly a lot of great finds when it comes to travelling on foot to the great wonders of Rethymnon.  To get a pleasurable trip, rent a car via Megarent - Crete Car Rental.  This will help you explore the area in all its luxury and candour.

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